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All About Myself
Mrs C. Formston "Mac"
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I was born in Persia (Iran) just after the first world war. My parents were there on army duty for the British army occupation, at four days old I was evacuated with my mother during a guerilla raid on the camp.
My parents owned a property at Matcham N.S.W. as pioneer settlers and we settled there after the war. The story is told in my book "The Legacy" published some years ago.
After the depression years and the second world war in which  both my husband and my father served, we lived at Donnison Street Gosford for 42 years. Their my husband died in 1960 after a long battle with cancer. In 1966 I remarried and so McFarland became "Mac" Formston. Hense the name "Mac", I am still called. Everyone asks me why.
I began breeding in 1950 but did not register a prefix until 1953. When I showed the first gold puppy I had bred, At Sydney Royal she won 1st in puppy and 2nd in junior class (we could show in more than one class in those days).
Brightleaf Kennels became very well known very quickly, and at one Royal Easter Show in Sydney, where classes were long as your arm in those days, the gold dog Brightleaf Bonanza was Best Male in Show and bitch CH. Black Bess was 4th in an Open Bitch class of 44 ! Sister and Brother Bedecked and Sealord were 1st in their puppy classes, also large entry. As time passed more champions emerged . One of them Bounty being of great relevance to later breeding.
We moved to Somersby in 1978 onto a farm where I could spread my "Wings". Excuse the Pun !. CH. Brightleaf Bewinged carried all before him  in the 70's and became one of the most successful show and stud forces in many other kennels, producing 58 Champion sons and Daughters and he lived to a grand old age of 13 1/2 at Brightleaf.
In 1966 I attained my group 3 judges license, and have judged several times in every Australian State, New Zealand and, also overseas elsewhere. But I did not want to train for All Breeds. I am a Gundog Judge and a Cocker Specialist.
As years rolled on more champions were bred and some imports added. I run a busy Boarding Kennel and now in my 88th year I am no longer able to cope with breeding, boarding,  AND go to shows as well. You may find me at home almost always and are cordially invited to visit Brightleaf Kennels, on the Web or right here. My Website tells the story which is more about cockers than me , Please continue to view my site and the many links and enjoy our cockers.
Their is much more in my life such as 30 Grand children and 27 Great Grand children, E-mails to send and to receive, and pedigrees to trace back, I am interested in "Your" story also, and in your cockers.
I have puppies to rear and lots more so please visit.

Best Wishes "Mac"
k k k

Image Of Chrismas Card From 1960 with picture of English Cocker Spaniel

Mac Formston Passed Away 5th July 2012

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